Synthetic Grass

By | July 29, 2019

Synthetic grass is something that is becoming more popular with the homeowner. This grass does not need to mow and it will not need to be watered. Artificial grass will be green and healthy-looking all years.

There are many states where droughts can lead to a serious problem. States including Arizona and Nevada often experience droughts. When there is a lack of water homeowners are not allowed to water their lawns and the grass will turn brown and die. Synthetic turf will solve this problem. They can enjoy a green lawn no matter what type of weather the area is experiencing. A person will not have to worry about the water regulations in their area since the turf will not need to be watered.

After the synthetic turf is installed it is low maintenance. While washing it down with the house can reduce building no water is needed to keep it green. This will reduce the water bills for many households. The synthetic yard can help a household save around $100 a month since they will not have to worry about irrigation and their grass. This will allow a household to reduce their water consumption by 22,000 gallons each year.

The artificial turf will also time when it comes to maintenance. It will not need to be mowed, there will be no weeds, and no fertilizers have to be used. This will save both time and money. The turf is installed with its drainage system so that it will not flood. There is water permeable backing that is used under the turf. This will allow the water to filter through the turf and it will not build up. The water will be able to drain vertically and horizontally. Water will not collect on the surface and the homeowner will not have to worry about the development of mold. The fake grass has its self drainage system.

If a person lives in an area where there is little rain or they do not have the time to water their grass each day they should consider AGR fake grass. This grass is a great alternative to real grass. It will help a person save time, money, and water. The synthetic grass is great when living in an area where water conservation is important. It will help reduce water consumption one lawn at a time. A person can do their part to help the environment.