Getting started with artificial grass

By | September 9, 2019

If you are up to date on the latest lawn care trends, you have probably heard of Biltright artificial turf installation or synthetic grass. This is something that people are interested in because it offers them so many benefits and it requires a lot less work to maintain than actual grass does. If you are unfamiliar with artificial turf, don’t worry I am here to fill you in on everything that you need to know about it.

First, what exactly is artificial turf and what is it made of? Artificial turf is a carpet of soft rubber, that is designed to look like real grass, that you are putting over the lawn that you currently have and it gives you a nice, soft, flat place to enjoy your afternoons outdoors.

Is it safe? That is something that will get you mixed results. Some people say it isn’t safe because the synthetic fibers are not natural and they are man made. But this is actually a lot safer than actual grass if it is installed by a professional and taking care of properly. Some say it’s unsafe because of the plastic and rubber, but as long as the surface area isn’t burned and there isn’t any dangerous chemicals being put into it synthetic grass is very safe and is installed in a lot of parks for kids and for dogs, not to mention sports fields.

Where should you install synthetic grass? Anywhere that you want really. There is not a set place that you should and should not install synthetic grass. You should try to install it over dirt, if there is concrete or something blocking the dirt, that will likely be dug up and made flat so that the turf can be installed nicely. But you can install it almost anywhere. In your backyard, in a school park, in a sports arena. The options are endless.

This product is multi functional. It can be used for sport fields, it can be used as ground for a dog park, for a playground, for personal use at home, or even golf courses.